Christina Hulbe


Christina Hulbe is a geophysicist who studies how and why polar ice sheets change over time. While she got her start in a remote west Antarctic field camp, most of her research today is computational, using mathematical models and remote sensing to investigate modern systems and the recent past. Since taking a position at the University of Otago in New Zealand, she has initiated two projects involving change on the Ross Ice Shelf. One of those took her back to Antarctica in the spring of 2015, to work with an excellent interdisciplinary team from around Aotearoa New Zealand investigating into the vulnerability of the Ross Ice Shelf in a warming world. Christina's teaching background is broad; including popular lectures on climate change, technical lectures on partial differential equations in geoscience, and analysis of themes from Hamlet in the environmental horror comic, Swamp Thing. Today she focuses on math foundations in surveying and geospatial science and keeps up her Antarctic teaching through collaboration with the Department of Marine Science at the University of Otago.