FAQs for Official Viewing Parties

Here is the official broadcast link for viewing parties - https://youtu.be/mvyY4vnpUy0 

How can I test the link? The broadcast will be streamed through Youtube so you can test it by using any Youtube live stream. 

When can I watch the broadcast? You must watch the link between the following:

  • NZDT 9am Sunday 22nd January to 9am Monday 23rd January, which is
  • UTC 8pm Saturday 21st January to 8pm Sunday 22nd January

How long is the broadcast? We estimate that the total length will be around 3.5 hours.

  • When are the breaks in the broadcast programme? (Estimated only)
  • Session 1: 1 hour
  • Session 2: 1 hour
  • Session 3: 1.5 hours

Is there curation information that I should be aware of? The way we are building the show is for an online audience. To some point we would like to engage you at all times and for you to engage with other viewing parties.

Can I have my own speakers or other activities? You can organise this how your community would like. We obviously expect you to comply with TED rules for viewing parties if you are a TEDx licensee. This may mean you might require a TEDx Salon licence, but we will let you guys handle your event.

Viewing parties vs general public broadcast link - You have been approved as a viewing party. The big difference is that you can play the broadcast anytime within the 24-hour periodYou may wish to join a broadcast (A,B,C) for general public, but it is your choice. 

Time zones - note you do not have to follow these times for public broadcasts. They are here for your reference

Growing the conversation

  • We encourage you to engage with us -- share your photos, stories and successes.

  • You also share and converse with other viewing parties.

  • Please add your event info and handles to the master spread sheet

  • We suggest you start your own Facebook event (we will provide some graphics if want to utilise them)

  • We will activate @TEDxScottBase over the weekend. Connect with us and remember to use the #TEDxScottBase hashtag

  • The awesome team at TEDxCanberra has made an interactive Quizling with questions about Antarctica - info on how to join in here.

It may get a bit crazy handling questions and all of your posts. Please be patient and help each other when possible. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with all the info you need.

Useful links: